Long week. Glad it is over.

This week has been crazy. I feel like a mack truck ran over me and then backed up and ran over me again. We have been so busy this week. Monday was….. well Monday. You know what that means. And Tuesday we were swaped at work. I’m an admissions advisor at my local college and second start courses start Monday so everybody is trying to get in to register at the last minute. What’s new? Right? And Wednesday was the drafts for the tball teams so my husband was at the ball park. And I had meeting after meeting that day. And Thursday was fire training. My husband is also a firefighter. And I had training with the college all day. And today was another training. And guess who had to get the kids homework fed and bed. Me….. pretty much everyday this week by myself. Ahhh. And on top of everything thing else I’m taking 2 classes to try and get my degree. So I had an exam that is due Sunday that I needed to do early because I have a busy weekend ahead of me. My life is crazy.

I was right in the middle of my exam earlier and my husband comes in the bedroom and was just talking about b.s. stuff that could wait until I was done with my exam and I told him very nicely. I’m sorry but I can’t talk right now. Let me finish my exam and we can talk later about this. He got mad!! Are you kidding me? So when I was done with my exam I went to the living room. He was watching tv and I came and sat down and asked him what he was saying before and he told me o I’m watching t.v. can’t talk right now. 😮😮😮😮 asshole.

I get so caught up with my husband’s and kids problems and life I forget about myself. I have to stop doing that. Because if I’m not taking the time for myself I can’t be a good mother or wife. I need to go to bed earlier and sleep but there is so much to be done. Homework, laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking. I could never rock it at being a stay at home mom. I would go crazy. I don’t see how they do it. I like to work. I get the time away from the kids and husband. And I get to interact with other people. I’m a social butterfly and I feed off of interaction with other people. My hasband on the other hand is a hermit and loves staying home. I’m the opposite. Opposites attract. Lol. But the longer I am with him the more I want to stay home too lol.

This week with my son has been crazy too. If you read my first post you know that he has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He hit his teacher and threw a chair this week…… Yeah this is a normal day for him so it might be a surprise to you but for me it is nothing. We finally signed the papers for special education. I’m not sure how I feel about it but at this point we have no choice. I hoping it is the right choice and what he needs. But I’m scared for him. All I want for him is to learn. He is only in prek so he has some time to catch up but he is already falling behind compared to the other kids. Something just has to give. I’m starting to lose faith in the process.

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