Dear Journal,

                   I’m alone in asking this question, You know that feeling if you felt like you are going to lose yourself because even you’re on the right path or right decision you know what is right and wrong in life. But sometimes some people don’t get it, they will only judge you or say that you’re such to be a perfectionist or just want to be a perfectionist because of doing the right thing. I want to do the right thing in life not be a perfect and I don’t know what my life going to be for now. What should I do about this. Is everything is a coincidence? Or happen for a reason? That’s for now, take are!

3 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE?”

  1. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. At the center and at the far reaches and all in between is a loving Father God. It is amazing to know he cares for you and for each of the billions of people on the planet.
    But it’s true. He is all love. “You will find Me when you seek for Me with all your heart,” one verse says. I hope you find Him and find His almost unbelievable love for you and His tender caring for you. God bless!

  2. Sometimes doing the right thing is being a perfectionist. Great things are always challenged, if you dont do it someone else will. Do what you have to do and do it perfectly, no half jobs, dont procrastinate.

  3. Dear friend, i know how you feel because i feel the same way sometimes. But Yo father God always with you. He loves you and cares for you. We always think thatr theres no point to leaving in this world but there’s because if we didnt had prospers God would had pt us here. Just trust the lord pray.

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