Why I Don’t bother to motivate/advise ; quote related

I learnt my lessons the hard way. As my intro I’m sure the majority human being had lovely childhood until they reached a certain point of their life – adolescence / adulthood/ fish/ turtle/ potato/ egg etc. 

Back then I was optimistic about everything around me. Being carefree had its merits. Ignorant I was. Whether I was under the weather or my friends was we had each others back. this applies to my close friends/good/acquaintances/ teachers. We’d motivate each other/ advise/ quote from famous historian/artist/ anime/cartoons/ made one ourselves through self-discovery or other sources.

Later did I learnt it meant shit. Most the the things I’ve said was embarrassing, ashamed, ignorant to the people related to me. Pointless things they know from the start from the bottom of their heart. This was me at the age of 16 until now. This has become my policy. (title)

 I knew it’s pointless when you’re all bark than bite. I know that fact. But I ponder why it took me so long to realise that? I’m still figuring that out fyi.

if I had to give reasons why I don’t do such anymore: ( note this is based off my experience )

  1. I haven’t gone what they’ve been through. I comfort them by with silence and be with them till they’re done. But it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be empathetic. I won’t give them sympathy. 
  2. I don’t know the answer so I stayed quiet.
  3. Why the hell am I telling these people to do something to change for the better when I haven’t done it yet. I’d be a laughing stock to them and myself.
  4. advising is a part of guiding thus it requires constantly from those needed. But those A-holes won’t bloody hell get that inside their heads. At the end of the day it’s up to them to change. In my defense and those who relates to this we’ve done our part. So if you succeeded then congrats. Otherwise if you leave it’s not your fault or you’re strong to be with these distress peeps until they recuperate.
  5. Certain people don’t need help. Even if they’re in distress, they dealt it solo like a boss. 
  6. When it get serious, you better hope you have the right words to say or you’re in deepshit my friend. Saying nice things sometimes makes it works. Maybe all the time???? In my case, a fellow peer of mine made it a clear she/he would rather die than taking the exam and ended up in disappointment and had to re-take the exams again. 6 Form btw. There are those who stood up and said things to ease he/her worries but reality is.. it didn’t work. Well don’t worry he/she didn’t suicide of course. Of I stayed quiet because words can be lethal. 
  7.  I don’t know if there are any other reasons but if there are you can comment but keep it internet friendly yeah? Oh I also don’t know how to delete the last numerical list because it kept ending up at the previous paragraph. On the side note this journal is more of a personal reminder to myself and to vent so thanks and bye.

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