[191] ~*Sat – 02/10/18*~

[9:21 pm]

My cat is evil. Last night before going for a bath I had heard her get into some cupboards but I wasn’t sure which one. Nothing big, she always does it. When I went upstairs to go in the bathroom, I saw that our bedroom door was opened so I figure she must of went in there. I went in the tub, the other cat came and laid on my towel while I was reading my book. Suddenly the other cat decided to get out of the bathroom cupboard. Arf! She was still in there in the end, she wasn’t in the bedroom at all. Evil her! She didn’t really scare me but yea..

After my bath I had planned on watching a show but I only watched a few mins and decided to head to bed but did the dishes first. I read for like an hour and then took my pill and read some journal which I honestly don’t recall doing. Guess I was just that tired at that point. I slept very well, I don’t even recall waking up once during the night. I did have a super weird dream which is somewhat traumatizing me. I dreamt for what seemed like hours but who knows how long it really was. I dreamt about a client and how he had started having feelings for me and gosh.. It’s something I always fear and I always wonder why the heck am I dreaming this sorta thing?! So yea, while dreaming of this I woke up and saw it was day time and for some reason just sorta jumped in a rush and looked at the time which it was 7:46 am and I had my alarm set for 8:25 so I changed it for 8:35. Don’t know what was the point cause I surely didn’t fall back asleep so then I got super tired when it was time to actually get up. Bleh!

So while I was out with my first client, all I could think about was to come back home for a nap. I was thinking of going to the Casino for brunch but that would mean me spending money and I’m trying to spend less on eating out. I also rather sleep than eat. Haha! If only I could be paid to sleep or at least stay in bed. 

I also started coughing this morning. Not good! I took some cough drops which helped but I just don’t want to be sick anymore. I’m not really sick, sick but this mucus thing has been dragging on for like two months now. 

My client had a meeting so I was done with her an hour earlier so I came home and straight to bed I went and had a three hours nap. Once again, weird dream. I dreamt that hub had destroyed the front and back of my car. I was so very upset and now that I rethink about the dream, so many things didn’t make sense. It’s funny how you never realize when you’re in the dream that things don’t make sense but afterward you’re like “I should of known it was a dream cause that isn’t where we live or that isn’t the color of my cat”.

Anyways, I then went out with my second client and we went to see Winchester. I still enjoyed it as much as the first time although it wasn’t as much fun as my friend wasn’t there so I could laugh at her. Hehe! I also don’t like my new purse at all. I had my book in there, a bottle of pop and a bag of popcorn that I had made and my purse was full. I could zip it and that was pretty much it. I’m very disappointed! In general I like the purse, I just don’t like it when it comes to putting a bunch of stuff in it as I obviously can’t do as I was doing with my old one. I’m still looking online to see if I could find something else and nothing. Bleh!

When I was coming home from work I started feeling sad and thinking about my big bro and the old house. It’s gonna be two years that my dad passed away and we haven’t done a thing in the house yet. I was thinking that maybe this summer I could take some time off each month and go try to clean it out. Then I started thinking of why we want to throw away everything that isn’t good if we’re gonna just have the house destroyed. We could technically just leave all the unwanted stuff in it and get it destroyed with the house instead of cleaning it all. I just really don’t like thinking about this as it makes me so very sad. I don’t want to see the house go, it’s breaking my heart. I’ll talk about it with mom when I next call her but yea, it’s something I’m not looking forward to. 




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