2/10/18 — i really hate beer

Last night I slept at my friend Preston‘s house with my other friend Josh. Just kinda chilled there bored for the most part. Preston did end up getting someone to buy him beer. Why beer of all alcoholic drinks, I don’t know, but it was disgusting.

I drank three cans back to back. I threw up a little bit after the third can. I wanted to feel at least a little something. And honestly, despite not being drunk, I did feel really good. Really calm, really happy, just overall in a good place.

Didn’t sleep till around 5 A.M. Preston’s mom and her boyfriend wanted to have sex but his grandma was laying in the bed so they took over Preston’s room, leaving Preston to pass out on a chair in the living room and me and Josh to pass out on the floor in the kitchen. Woke up hurting. 

Man, I really hope I never have to taste beer again.

3:22 PM

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