Working on Me Feb 10, 2018

I decided to take a break from writing as I’ve returned to my home state in a transition phase during a rough period in my life. I do not stress over things I can’t control. My fiance is crumbling, my love life is nonexistent, however, tomorrow seems bright. 

Sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll be making my way to familiar lands where it will allow me some breathing room to focus and readjust.

People often aren’t completely honest with me. I wish I could find someone who was because then I can do a complete evaluation of myself in the eyes of others. 

I’ve always struggled with attachment issues. I overthink just about everything and find my self in a bad headspace. I suffer from what I call ” I’m not good enough mindset”. That’s why I’ve developed this bitterness in me. It comes from a life of always being number two. 

As we go further into the new year I’ll transition from the every other day reflection to more of topics of self-discovery. 

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