[192] ~*Sun – 02/11/18*~

[10:25 pm]

Why do I always have to pee when I lay down in bed at night to read?! It’s quite annoying! I lay there, read, and then every 10 mins or so I need to go pee. I always read for like an hour and when I finally put my book down, I feel so tired that I just want to sleep. It always takes a lot from me to get back up, go pee and then take my pill and turn off the light. I wish I didn’t have to run to the bathroom so much when I get ready for bed but I also wish I didn’t have to rely on a pill to sleep. Talking about pill, I really need to go get some B12 and see if that will help me cause I’m going back down the road where I always need to nap cause I’m just way too tired. Sleep is constantly on my mind during the day and keeps me from focusing on things.

* I actually wrote that part last night when I was done reading but didn’t make an actual entry of it so I’ve decided to post it with tonight’s entry. The rest of this entry is from tonight.


What the hell was that?! Some noise woke me up this morning around 7 am and of course, I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. When I finally got out of bed, an hour and a half later, I looked outside and WHAT THE HELL?! It had snowed and I guess what I had heard was the tractor cleaning the driveways. When did that happen?! When I went to bed last night it was raining. I totally didn’t expect snow this morning. Luckily, hub had cleaned my car and the steps. So sweet of him. He even made me another snowman on top of my car which I killed. Oops! When I tried to take it down to put it on the steps, it just fell apart cause it was too big. Oh well.. But yea, I was about to get out the house when hub told me the plow had just went by. Nooo!! I had to shovel the end of our driveway to get out and of course that made me late for work. Bleh!

Work was grrr. It feels like I always pick up after the others and it’s quite annoying. There was damages everywhere and I don’t understand why. Why can’t they do their own damages each darn days?! Why can’t they fix their own stuff?! I’m always the one fixing things up, tagging stuff and getting rid of the damages that are taking up so much space that’s it’s everywhere on the floor. I’m getting pretty pissed off. I’m just glad I don’t work more hours at the store or I would go totally crazy. There’s always something I need to deal with. At least I had good staff today so that made my day more fun and easier to take. One employee that I actually never met decided to call 15 mins before her shift to say she wasn’t gonna show up. Come on! So I was short one staff but we still managed to do pretty good.

One exciting thing about work is that I saw hub’s uncle and he said there was going to be an opening for a Social Worker in the region in the institution. OMG! It would be so damn awesome if I could get that job. I think he already gave them my resume but I will need to apply online as well when they open the position. I need to make a profile on the government site which I was supposed to make back in Oct when he had contacted me about a Parole Officer opening which I didn’t bother with in the end cause my brother ended up passing during that time. I’m not gonna let this one go. Maybe this is finally my chance to work in correction after all. Oh, it would make me so happy if I could finally work with inmates. I want it so bad and it’s not even posted yet.

Anyways, another thing that made me happy today is that of course, hub cleaned the steps and my car but he also did the dishes when he did the suggies kitchen. It makes me very happy when he helps out even in the smallest way.

Alright, time for a nice relaxing bath cause my body sure needs it right now.




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