a little more

He doesn’t even say that he likes what we have together any more.  I miss that.  I’m so afraid of losing Ian two weeks.  He used to tell me he could see us going long term but he doesn’t any more.  I wish there was some way I could get rid of that bitch that’s luring him away.  I’m going to lose him to her.

I must be royally repulsive.  He pretty much implied that he isn’t in the mood for sex with me any more.  I guess the other girl has the sex appeal that I don’t.  I feel so unattractive right now I could scream.  I’m tired of the one night stands…..no one comes back for more.  I must be getting bad in bed too.  I’m losing it all as I get older and I can’t keep up with the bimbos that are younger.  I’ve been going to the gym but that doesn’t seem to help.  I’m so fat and ugly….absolutely repulsive.  And I know nothing I will ever do will make any difference in my appearance with men.  Epically in Ian’s eyes.  It was so wonderful at first.  Then he got sick and said it cost him his sex drive.  I know that’s bullshit.  I’ve never seen a man lose his sex drive because of a head cold. 

I’ve put a binding spell on her to keep her away from Ian and a binding spell on Ian to keep him with me.  I pray they work.

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