A New Journey Ahead

My Dear Journal,

        I haven’t wrote to you for a long time. I am almost finishing this challenging season of my life.I have two more important tasks to finish and I will step into a fresh season.  I felt like I had been in a cave for a long time, and I can almost see the light and a bright opening ahead. 

        After this I do not know what will be there. There will surely be another challenge, friends, and some alligators that I will meet, but I will do my best to be prepared of the new challenges ahead.  My God is the source of my strength in everything.

        I am currently enjoying my life and singing songs with my close friend whom I admire. I will surely miss him and I hope he will reach his goals, stay happy and healthy, and encounter true friends. Yes, I do like him that much. Selfless love I have for him. That even if he dates another person, I will accept it. He is a very dear friend to me.

         My future husband, I do not know when I will meet him. Someday, or maybe I have already met him. Let time decide. I need to finish my goals first.  I am not too old that marriage cannot wait. I will marry after finishing the next phase of my studies. 

           I remembered how much I have been through. The joys and tears I have while living  in this foreign country, the pressure to get good results in my experiments, the feeling of not belonging in a certain group, and the worries I have because certain people just didn’t care about my research progress … I am thankful to have survived them. I am  happy to meet new friends and learned many things here . I am also thankful for the people who had supported me when I felt abandoned and weak. 

           I just feel so happy now. Tomorrow, I will start reading for my next report.

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