an untitled poem

I sat here in my bedroom with nothing to do

 Lying on my bed on a Saturday afternoon

 knowing i should be studying but how can i ?

So blue all day long

People asking me what’s wrong

I don’t even know

Gloomy and numb

All i could think of is you

We’re fine ,  just fine

Perfectly fine but something’s wrong

Isn’t it ? I think of your sweet words 

Yet i remember the bitter that will come later

Like a spear piercing my heart

I see it coming

I do like you , I hope i won’t love you

I do wanna give you my heart , but you won’t take good care of it

It’s already stitched but my wounds haven’t been fixed

Time will heal it but the memories will never die

It will haunt me in my nightmares, i know

I wish we could keep it simple

I broke alot of hearts , mine was only broken once

It’s gonna be twice, i wanna protect myself

You’re a threat , you’re killing me soon

But i wanna feel you 

They say we always fall for the wrong person

What if they’re not wrong and we’re the ones who are wrong?

Just a theory , a perspective i think of

Just to ease my mind as i look for it’s peace

I know sometimes i feel the need to make scenerios

But i feel it coming , i can feel your footsteps getting closer

Closer now as i say my last words

I’ll give my body and soul, nothing in return

Take it all break it all i’d do it willingly

Once and twice 

I swear l won’t whine

I’ll drown my misery in wine

I feel the end coming

But dear swain I’m glad i met you.


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