Day 711 to 714 – Disrespect

Saturday, February 10, 2018

This week was mostly positive.

I didn’t get much work done for a couple of days. For one of them I made a huge mistake for deciding to sleep in because of my spare class and forgetting I had a training(?) class for the art thing on my diploma that morning. Luckily, there was one in the afternoon. It ended up being some information on how to deal with clients both from a business perspective and as an employee.

Other than that, I worked on my business cards, tried to catch up on my poetry for writer’s craft, and that’s about it.

Oh, there was this one day Kohai, my close friend and I were all complaining about people we hated at school for being absolute jerks. There is one girl that didn’t leave the school unlike the others we named and that sits next to me in my programming class. She used to bother me a lot in eighth grade, such as making comments about me, hitting me on the side repeatedly when I was sitting at a desk and her on the ground, upping my music volume to maximum while grabbing my earphones to listen to my music herself without asking (she ripped it out of my ear), kicking my chair… She tried to take Kohai’s friend away once, and made comments on her too. I dream about having arguments with her sometimes, and wrote an anti-bullying poem about her in my ninth or tenth grade French class without stating it was about her. For that reason, we don’t trust her or have respect for her. But later that afternoon, she talks to me, cause as I said, she sits next to me in my class. Usually it’s to ask for help and I give it (I’m not about to go down to her level and be mean), but she asked for me to subscribe to her YouTube channel. I quietely/as politely as I could shook my head and said “No thanks, I’m good.” Normally, someone would take offense to that, which I understand, but by the way I responded, the person would have more of a sad “Oh, okay” or another response that wouldn’t blow things out of proportion. But she takes it as an attack and muttered something, but I think it was along the lines of : “Well, it’s not like you have any friends compared to me anyway.” I completely ignored her which seemed to cause her to move on. I know I have amazing friends so what she said doesn’t matter to me, although I couldn’t help, but get furious at the fact she never changed. I was boiling while staring at my computer, angry at the fact that she’s the same disrespectful liar from eigth grade. I even looked up her account on social blade, cause I thought the fact that she had over 350 subscribers and four thousand views for only 3 uploaded videos each to be ridiculous and what did you know? In one single day she gained 300+ subscribers. That’s not normal, unless you got a shoutout or your video became viral. To top it off, I literally saw her refresh her page on one of her videos over and over in attempt to get more views. Ugh. I just pray that she changes.

Anyhow, on a more positive note, I also watched the first Harry Potter movie with Ren. We joked around a lot with the movie, but he seemed to enjoy it.

That’s all for today.


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