Musings from a real life vampire

Not all vampires drink blood, have translucent skin, or burn to ash in the sunlight.

Migraine-induced vampires, or vampineurs,  have enough in common with the sanguine vampires of lore to appropriate the title, though. Don’t this so? Please read on…

Like blood suckers, we too recoil from the sun and bright lights (I’m talking to you fluorescents!), my hands and feet are often icy and pale as death, and the dark circles under my eyes are often bad enough to fool an expert coroner at first sight–assuming there’s an instant I’m not wearing my sunglasses. Yes, I’m that douche that wears her sunglasses at night. And indoors.   

Scents and sounds are amplified more times than not, and food I once loved and could properly digest, sometimes makes me wretch.

True, garlic won’t kill me or others like me, but a stake to the heart will.  😀

I’m not immortal, but there are times when if feels like death alludes me. For instance, during a mind-thrashing, throwing-up-everything-I’ve-ever-eaten, 3 day migraine where I’m left with less life force than a Victorian era corpse. 

I wasn’t “turned” by a devilishly-sexy master vampire, or infused with an insatiable lust for life, blood, and flesh, and I sure as hell haven’t gotten faster or physically stronger.

I have, however, gotten mentally stronger. I know that living through 10+ years of chronic intractable migraines, with and without aura (further complicated by a brain aneurysm)–on top of my and my childrens’ other chronic health problems, I can make it through anything.

If you’re going though something similar, stay strong. 🙂

If you know someone who is going through something similar, please offer them your love and support.

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