The Beginning

Dear Diary,

That sounds like a good start. This is my very first entry.Why am I creating this concoction? I thought it would be a splendid idea to write down my daily life, So maybe in a couple yrs I can look back and see where my thoughts were. I want to be able to write/type my life out. I have acquaints, but no friends. I take that back I have God. He is my best friend and only currently. Unfortunately, He don’t exactly communicate back. If he does its Him answering my prayers in a non-verbal way. Oh! I also have my animals that I sing/dance to on a daily. I kinda want to keep this a very positive diary(if can).This is going to be a place that I can use to reframe from my hectic life. Not to hectic… I am apart of the, “New World”, where we have it way easier. yes we sure do. We also have new problems that come along w/ this status.

I thought this would also be a good thing to do before I go night night. To help me want to fall asleep instead of watching action packed tv/movies. That I am clearly addicted to, or I just don’t want to get addicted to another awesome show. I have been trying to be a “early bird person”. I want to be able to wake up @ 5:30 every morning. It helps be more productive!  I have various issues the keep from falling asleep early. When I do I toss and turn. I might even get the best sleep and miss life by sleeping in till 10am. It’s a problem. I like to workout in the morning. I can’t work out any other time, because most likely I have no ride. Every available vehicle is gonzo by 9am,the latest. You never know when they will show by up. Even if they plopped themselves in the driveway at a decent time. The back of them gym where I do most of my workouts would be taken up by whomever steels it first(Its a very small paces btw). It’s morning now or never.

I have been trying to work on getting rid of slothful acts out of my pantry of acts.As you know I am a follower of God; (I don’t really like the terminology of “Christian”.) That’s why I am trying to get rid of this deadly sin as perceived in the Bible. It works against me, Because of my problems.I have hiccups in my work ethnics. I have been trying to live by a quote from a very brilliant mind. “Be stingy with your time.”-Seneca. Now, some might take offense. Don’t, We as humans tend to let time diminish right in front of us. We should cherish the time and snag it like you life depends on it…it does. I don’t let many know, but I am going for Acting as my career. I love it. I just don’t like the business side of it. It takes very hard and dedicated efforts. If you want to get into acting I can tell you everything you need to know. Its not easy. That’s why I’m trying to live by that quote above and not be slothful. They go hand and hand. These are some things that I have been changing and evolving in my life. broadening my horizons. I like to change my life. It makes life interesting. 

So for now this all. I don’t want to write a book just yet;)




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