The Follower

Dear Diary,

As you know I am a follower of God. I like watching services online. Doing research of my own online. I don’t go to a certain church. I am the church as others call it. I don’t think I’m ready for that status yet. I do follow various certain preachers on YouTube that I watch. Some weeks It everyday to 1 day a week. I will watch a service more like 10 different vids. That’s how I choose to learn about my Father. I want to know knowledge,I thirst for it. I am scared to go to a church. (one place of learning) It says not exact quote, but churches will turn on it’s people and become a wolf in skins sheep basically. Not all, but I like to listen to various preachers to make sure I’m getting the best available knowledge. Some may not agree with me and that’s okay. I am perfectly fine if you rather go to a church. I just hate being pushed into going to a church. In fact I just found a new Christian youtuber, and so far I like her teachings! Hopfully you understand!



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