The Meds….

I have two that I take for the Bipolar thing. One is a small enough amount that there would be no step down to quit. I see my Dr. next month and I think I want to stop that one and see how it works. The other has a no sleep side effect and I believe that is what the second one is for. The first one does the trick for my moods. But so much time has gone by and I don’t take care of myself, not that I ever did, as well….I just don’t try anymore. Don’t care as much. I have a hard time with work and I believe that if I was not taking it I would be able to keep up better. There is just to much that comes at me to fast for me to keep up and “they” don’t make it easier as time goes on. I’ll see what his input would be..I won’t just not stop without telling him. I have the rest of this week to work and then I have this trip to do. I’m surprised at how nice it will be that my sister is not going. There will be a lot less stress for me. We’ve had many bad yrs. doing this and this one might be better. I don’t want to help with the event I have to go for. I’m next in line for male relatives and so I feel it would be more appropriate for me to do it. However I’ll do most anything for chocolate chip danish. The best and I only get them when I go there. Of course there is the black and white cookies the best after the other major city produces. Have to get ready for work. I try in my head to know that my thoughts are what create how I feel. I spend a lot of time reminding myself that I haven’t done anything wrong up to that moment and I don’t have to worry….but of course I just worry….there is so much to worry about. Life is a worry! Thanks

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