[193] ~*Mon – 02/12/18*~

[11:46 pm]

So crazy how one night you can be all happy and the very next morning you’re back to been depressed. I woke up this morning with about an hour left to sleep and I felt so exhausted that I wanted to cry. I kept wishing for a cancellation so I could keep sleeping but had a feeling I wouldn’t get it. I even had the volume of my phone on so I could hear it if I’d get a text to say I was cancelled. I was trying my hardest to fall back asleep but my body just felt stressed and I couldn’t sleep. Let me tell ya, I was very pleased to hear my phone and see that I was indeed cancelled this morning. I could sleep another three hours. Do you think I did?! Not really. My body still felt stressed out and I kept telling myself to sleep and I just couldn’t. Arg! An hour before I had to get up, hub came to bed. I told him it was his day off so he could stay up later but he said he was tired. He started talking to me and I told him to shush, that I was trying to sleep. I felt bad about it cause I always talk to him and keep him from sleeping. This sleeping disorder or what ever I have is really getting to me. So much that this morning I was telling myself I couldn’t possibly have a “normal” job where I don’t get cancellation where I can sleep more in the morning or come home in between to nap. That said, this is starting to affect my life, once again. I really need to see the doc about this and also about that damn mucus that just doesn’t want to leave me.

I had made plans to go eat at the Casino with my friend at 4 pm as my client had already cancelled me on Fri but this morning I got an email asking if I wanted to do a fill in at that time. I didn’t really felt like doing one and was going back and forth on making a decision on if I should accept or not. I even called my friend to ask her what I should be doing. In the end I decided to accept as I will be loosing a full day of work next week due to the Holiday. I called the office and told her I would do it, for her to send me the info by email. She sent me the info and the next min she was emailing back to say I was cancelled. Lol?! I emailed back asking if that even counted as a late cancel as it was within a min and she said yes cause I had agreed to it. Woohoo! More free hours for me, won’t complain. This is another reason why I don’t really want to go for another job. Arg! Since the year has started I’ve had a full week worth of free hours. This job is spoiling you too much.

Anyways, I called back my friend and told her that we could be going to the Casino at 4 pm in the end, which we did. I thought mom had $20 this week but she only had $5 so I was very disappointed. That said, I played $5 of my own but lost. My friend also lost. We went to the buffet and of course when we were going out, I decided to try a $20. Nothing! Looks like this year will really be a bad one at gambling. I need to stop!

I then went to work at the store which was a total mess. People that worked day time, left carts everywhere and I left them there as well. I’m just too tired of picking up after everyone’s stuff. I’m done!




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