Well time to eat crow.  I kinda sneaked a peak in his cell phone and apparently she’s sending him messages and he’s not responding.  She’s sending things like “did I kill you” , “I killed you didn’t I”.  Those aren’t the kind of messages that you leave with someone you’re communicating with.  I seriously need to quit being so paranoid.  This trying to get to know someone new is hard.  Ian and I are basically crash coursing our way through it.  I spent 3 days living with him at the first of the month when we hadn’t known each other just a few days when I ended up out on the street.   He stepped up and took me in.  We were both sick last week but he got the worst of it.   He didn’t work all week so now he’s going to be with me for 2 weeks.  We’re definitely getting a crash course in each other.  He keeps showing his affection for me and getting worked up over the smallest things to protect me.  The guys outside the door smoking last night were oogling me and he went out there to make sure they were behaving.  I got a call from someone telling me to stay away from him and he absolutely went into orbit.  He was getting seriously obnoxious but that’s his way of showing how much he actually cares.  He never has laid a hand on me in anger.  He’s very tender with me.  The sex drive has gone non existent and he claims it’s  because he was so sick last week.  Every time he eats, he gets full and falls asleep for several hours.   BTW he called me his girlfriend the other day and tried to take it back.  I think I heard him tell me he loved me twice.

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