Day 35-38

Last week was a wash. I really was over it and ended up having yet another cheat meal on Thursday. That made more days where I went off the program than on. But, oh well. It will help motivate me to be on track this week. And since I ate off the plan last week a few times, I had leftover food. This week I will only be flexing my breakfast.


-Breakfast: Banana nut muffin (Nutrisystem), low fat milk (powerfuel) and sugar free chocolate syrup (extra). The banana nut flavor was very prevalent. Decent sized muffin. However, it was not as moist as the double chocolate. I will still order this again though.

-AM Snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (PF)

-Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich (NS), mayo (extra) and two servings of vegetables.

-PM Snack: Banana (smart carb) and low fat colby jack cheese stick (PF)

-Dinner: Ended up going out to eat with my husband to get the cravings out of my system and start fresh Friday.

-Evening snack: I Skipped the snack due to the cheat meal.

Friday I weighed in for the week. Surprisingly, I only gained .2 lbs. But I did not lose any weight. 


-Breakfast: Double chocolate muffin (NS), low fat milk (PF) and sugar free chocolate syrup (X)

-AM snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (NS)

-Lunch: pepperoni pizza melt (NS) and 2 servings of vegetables. Really delicious. Would order again.

-PM snack: Banana (SC) and cheese stick (PF).

-Dinner: Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast (NS) and two servings of vegetables. Still a favorite.

-Evening snack: Fudge brownie (NS). First thing I noticed was how much it smelled like chocolate when I opened the package.  Really good size for a brownie. Very moist & tasted like real chocolate. Would order this again.

Saturday I did not make it to the gym. I was literally going to go change to go to the gym when I found out my in laws were coming over. Had I known, I would have gone earlier but it was a last minute plan.


-Breakfast: Flex breakfast for the week. Wheat bread (SC), egg (PF) and low fat colby jack cheese (PF).

-AM snack: Tuna (PF) and light mayo (X)

-Lunch: Broccoli cheese melt (NS) and two servings of vegetables. Still a favorite.

-PM Snack: Wheat bread (SC) and peanut butter (PF).

-Dinner: Chili with beans (NS) and two servings of vegetables. Favorite.

-Evening Snack: Chocolate cake (NS). Same as the fudge brownie smell, decent size, but not as moist. Probably would choose the brownie over this next time and just get more.

Today I decided to do an alternative method for working out. I helped give my husband a break from snowblowing and I decided to shovel the driveway (more of a work out). I was out there for an hour and definitely could feel a higher heart rate, I was sweating, and my arms were already sore. 


-Breakfast: Strawberry and cheese crepe (NS), low fat milk (PF) and sugar free chocolate syrup (2X). Still gross as before but this time I used one of the chocolate syrup servings and dunked my bites in it. This made it a lot more tolerable. I have one more but already changed my next order to not include it. 

-AM Snack: Tuna (PF) and light mayo (X)

-Lunch: Beef alfredo (NS) and two servings of vegetables. Definitely flavorful & delicious. Just wished the portion size was a bit bigger. I would order this again.

-PM Snack: Wheat bread (SC) and peanut butter (PF).

-Dinner: Turkey sausage and bacon rigatoni (NS) and two servings of vegetables. Lots of noodles & chunks of meat. Heavy bacon flavor. But the overall sauce was not very flavorful. Great portion size. Probably would order again even if not my favorite.

-Evening snack: Popcorn (NS).

My goal this week & next is to lose 3.5 lbs per week. Without doing any cheat meals this week, that should be attainable. Next week I have our make-up Valentine’s Day dinner Saturday but that is early enough in the week I can work it off. 

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