Mental Health Stigma

As I’ve made my transition from teenager to young adult, mental illness has brought new labels and challenges; I am starting to feel the labels such as ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘addict’ to be placed on my body without my consent; it hurts and it robs me of perspective. I’m starting to see within my own family how mental health is treated and talked about; it’s not treated as something important; I feel myself in a struggle to either label myself as mentally ill or reject it all together. I find it crazy how I have to go to accept such a label to get the help I need and deserve; everyone is going to struggle with mental illness from time to time due to trauma and life events. I have a cousin that struggles with post-partum depression and now to add to that burden, crippling depression from losing a loved one, her boyfriend. Unfortunately, people don’t understand that as human we can’t just suddenly be strong and pick up and carry on like nothing happened; I feel for my cousin and I believe she should take all the time necessary to process her feelings. 

If I am not mentally well, it will be harder for me to enjoy life and show compassion and love toward other; not getting help can lead to dire consequences. 

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