It was a Monday

We lost you 2 months and 16 days ago.  It was a Monday morning; I had been sick – really sick – over the weekend.  It was the Monday after Thanksgiving, I had taken the previous Friday off from work and my plan was to put up Christmas decorations and make Troll headband’s for our cousin’s Troll party on Saturday – I did those things but it was in between not feeling well.  A birthday party that I did not get to go to because I was sick.  Monday morning, I was returning from work – talking to Kara about how I was so sick over the weekend.  Michael called.  He had just gotten me an Apple watch and I knew it was ringing quickly because it vibrated on my arm – something I was not used to yet.  I answered right away and I knew something was wrong.  “You’ve got to come now, you have to leave work NOW!”  I was asking what was wrong and I wasn’t prepared for him to say, “It’s Dad!  Please just come.”  After losing my head a little bit, I was on my way.  Shaken but focused – driving 90 miles an hour to the hospital that they took you to.  I came in and found Michael and Gail – both in tears and distraught.  I had no idea what had happened.  Five minutes I had been there and then the doctor came in.  He said he had given you another injection of something but you were not responding to anything, he gave us a time of death.  Gail screamed, Michael just repeated, “No.”  I just stared.  I was trying to catch up but then with that, I was in immediate disbelief.  We hugged while all crying for what felt like forever.  The rest of the day was blue – we had to drive to Duncanville to tell your parents, family and friends came by, we talked to other family and friends on the phone.  The rest of the week was the same way – food, stories, crying, embracing, and laughing.  All while we tried our best to plan a funeral, pick out your casket, write speeches, pick out pictures, and music.  We got through it, somehow.  With the help of our family and friends, we kept on going.  Michael and I gave our speeches at the funeral with a little help from some whiskey.  

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