its the start of a life

Being in a relationship for 2 years has definitely opened my eyes to many things. You learn what you like about yourself and what you don’t like. You realize you have expectations that not even you can fulfill but yet expect someone else to. Theres bumpy roads, sad days and nights filled with tears. One thing I know I won’t ever regret is going through those things. 

I’ve been dating this guy for 2 years. At times I’ve hated him so much that I’ve wondered what was I doing in this relationship. Sometimes at night I think about it, and it always comes down to, well I love this man, even his imperfections. Why? Because I have never been with someone that actually cares. He might not show it, or always act like it, but he’s here. He doesn’t lie, he doesn’t sugar coat, he’s honest. Thats all I have ever wanted. Someone to be honest and make me really invest in something. Its scary. I will say that. Its scary not because you think you might lose them one day, its scary to let yourself go into someone else. 


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