over and over

 Well the bitch contacted him again and he shut down again.  I was going to disappear for a few hours but I’ve chickened out.  Ian has locked his phone down.  So I’ve been caught.  He hasn’t said anything.  I don’t know what he has to hide but apparently he has that bitch to hide.  He’s been asleep again all afternoon.  He said this morning when we had sex he wanted more later but now I have a feeling it won’t be happening.  I keep feeling ive lost him every time he chats with that bitch.  He swears he’s not looking for anyone else.  The woman is butt ass ugly.   From what I’ve seen of their conversation there isn’t anything going on.  No reason to doubt him.  I don’t want to be alone again.  I do love Ian and sometimes I think he feels the same way about me but not when he’s been chatting with her.  I’m not sure how to unblock him.  I don’t like it when he’s like this.  He’s rude and mean.  Guess I’m just going to have to be consigned to being the evil step-child in his life.  I cant keep going like this.  Being alone is miserable and being with Ian when he’s like this is miserable too.  I’ve cast a binding spell to try to get rid of her but so far it’s not working.

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