He’s been in a great mood all day.  We’ve made love twice and he’s talking about doing it more later.    He’s acting like he has eyes only for me.  He loves being in bed with me and talks that his penis fits me perfectly….it really seems to.  Why am I still so scared of losing him to that bitch.  I feel as though he does love me but maybe too afraid to tell me or just isn’t ready.  I want to give him time to heal but I want him to want me exclusively.   Every time he thinks I’m being threatened he goes apeshit crazy.  He broke his hand hitting the night stand table.  When I told him about Dave giving me shit he went apeshit again saying he’s going to tell him off if he calls again.  He didn’t object to telling people I was with someone.  I wish he was comfortable with telling others he is too.  What will it take to make him commit to me exclusively?  He slipped the other day and called me his girlfriend.  I thought I heard him twice that he loved me.  I wish he would profess his love for me.  I keep thinking I see it in his eyes.  He’s got bedroom eyes.  He’s absolutely beautiful.  I’ll take him just the way he is.

Well the bitch contacted him again.  Now he’s unhappy with me again.  She’s going to be the ruin of my relationship with Ian.  I can’t let her ruin it.

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