Unhappy / Selfish – 12/2/2018-9.57am

I  am just feeling  unhappy  now .. now that his cousin and pregnant wife is staying with us.. I feel like I have yo take care of her because since she is very weak and tired all the time because of the pregnancy.. I had to make sure  that she have breakfast and lunch . I hate it. I am not her mother or close relative..  she is not my responsibility  .. I fucking hate this situation right now . 

Moving in the new home in few weeks.. and I am unhappy about it . Having to live again with other people ..do I have the right to be like this? He promised . Every time I tell him how I feel about it.. he will get mad at me . I am just not happy.. not happy .. he woke up..got ready and told me that he will be going out to meet his friends for a while.. I asked him.. so no breakfast together.. he said.. Later..  2 hours later I am still here waiting . He called and asked me if I wanted anything..i said no.. I was already sulking ..  I wish he can understand why am I like this.. rather than.him..keep on getting angry when I tell him everything

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