Untitled poem

we were listenning to “hearts dont brek around here”

now we enter the cafe as you look at me and give me that goofy smile

it’s croudy but somehow it’s you and I

you and I alone no one to bother us 

in the middle of the night 

you texted me saying you love me

you were drunk but i know you mean it

i know you think its too early 

i also know you wanted to say it a long time ago 

i also know i made myself wish you didn’t say it 

i also know that in the back of my mind it made me happy 

i know , i know because you were the star that lightened up my night

bright and shiny stayed beside me in my darkest days

you were the cloud i’ve always wanted to live on 

this might be silly but you were cozy and gave me warmth in my coldest nights 

i used to wipe my tears in the shadows 

but you were the moonlight that took the shadows away as you dried my falling tears

but now , back at the cafe 

somehow everyone disapeared 

you and i still sitting face to face

you and i in the middle of nowhere 

you and i cold sweat and uneasiness

or thats just what i thought 

myself and i ,terrorized i touch your hand and it’s cold as ice

and i knew im alone again 

my teras falling down forming an ocean

as it took my mascara away , but will it take the pain 

all the words in vain i wanted to verve 

to run away and escape the goodbye


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