[194.1] ~*Tue – 02/13/18*~

[11:39 pm]

Funny how even if I really don’t feel like doing anything, I will be doing something when I’m on the phone. I had called my friend to see if she wanted to come to the movies with us tonight and while talking to her I started sweeping the floors. I also got down on the floor and scrubbed where it was dirty. I have been wanting to do that for a few weeks now and never got to it but I just did today while on the phone. Seem that every time I’m on the phone I need to be doing something, either the dishes, putting away the laundry or sweeping the floors. I think I might just need to start talking on the phone and the house will get cleaned. Lol! 

So we went out to eat at BK in the end. We then went to see Peter Rabbit which was super cute and funny. I had planned on buying some popcorn and all but since we had just ate we only got some chocolate bars. I had even brought my old purse with me as I knew all the stuff wouldn’t fit in my new one. Blah!

After the movie we came back home and I watched a few shows and now I’m in bed getting ready to read a lil before sleeping. I really can’t wait to get my damn Wed off cause I’m tired of having to go to bed at decent hours all the time. I normally can sleep in on Wed morning, at least, but I can’t tomorrow as I took a client.

Oh, while we were at the theatre, my friend texted me cause she got another Mystery Money at the Casino for next week. I don’t understand why she always gets these and I’ve never gotten one. I won’t complain too much as she’s letting me go play her money but I just wish I could win something. It looks like all my luck was last year and I don’t have any left for this one.

Anyways, I better get to my reading as it’s almost midnight.




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