“HOW PARANOID ARE YOU?” (Part 3: The Power Abuse)

The power abuse:

“People should be in order.”

Oh, yeah – have you been their best example(s)?

It’s your stupid, double standard

that makes it really, really hard

for them to believe in that fairy tale

about ‘how you only mean well’.”


“Hello, leaders with more power.

Do you really expect us to become

– and remain – your blind followers?

Why are you so mad

when you don’t want to hear what we say?

That’s just sad.

You’re a lot worse than screaming toddlers with tantrums

so willing to inflict harm

just to restore the absolute silence.”



we’re still taken by surprise.

We have no idea

just how bloody paranoid

you can actually be.


If we feel the same,

does that mean we’re even?


So, how paranoid are you?



(Jakarta, 19/9/2017 – 8:30 am)

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