[195.1] ~*Wed – 02/14/18*~

[11:34 pm]

Can I just die already?! I just went through a cough-puke thing. I have no energy left in me and I’m still coughing. I’m so very tired of this. Why can’t I just get rid of this mucus?! I just coughed up a bunch of it but it seems to never end, there’s always some left. I really need to go see the doc cause I can’t do this anymore.

Hub didn’t go to work tonight but it’s my doing. He got up, got dressed and was gonna go but I told him he could stay home and start tomorrow if instead of going an extra day he wanted to work two extra hours per day. He wants to work 4-12 hrs shift and have three days off. That’s fine with me as long as he does the hours he’s supposed to be doing. Really he should of still went today but I always feel bad for asking him to work more as I know he doesn’t want too. 

Anyways, I had asked him to come in bed to cuddle before I read but then I started coughing and it got so bad to where I needed to go to the bathroom cause I was cough-puking. Blah! If only it could get rid of all the mucus I wouldn’t mind. I’m also very scared to cough too hard and break a blood vessel in my eye again.

Well, with all of this, it’s almost midnight. And here I was thinking that I’d be sleeping early tonight. I haven’t done the garbage so I will have to do that in the morning. I had told myself I wouldn’t do it in the morning anymore but yea..

Alright, reading time and let’s hope that this coughing will calm down cause I need some sleep tonight. I can’t go through another sleepless night. 




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