[195] ~*Wed – 02/14/18*~

[8:11 pm]

Well, this morning all I wanted to do was cry. I didn’t sleep at all during the night. All I did was toss and turn. I did that so much that I kinda hurt my back at one point. The cat was also sleeping with me and I’m surprised she stayed with all the moving I was doing. I was sooo tired this morning and really didn’t look forward my 11 hrs shift. I don’t know what’s wrong anymore. The fact that I’m having a hard time with my sleeping and that darn mucus is just killing me. I just hope I can sleep tonight.

I still managed to make it through the day and as I just said, I really hope I can sleep good tonight. I’m already tired and tonight I’m supposed to get the garbage ready but I think I will just try to get up earlier tomorrow morning to do it or hope they won’t come before I can come back home between clients.

I went out and bought myself a bag today so I can bring that to the movies and not have to worry about everything fitting in my purse. I kinda shoved that bag into my purse but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be keeping it in there cause it’s taking some room. We shall see. If I don’t keep it in my purse I’ll have to remember to bring it with me when we go to the movies.

So yea, it’s Wed today, which means it’s hub last day off. I really wonder if he’s gonna go work tonight as he’s suppose to work his third day off and he didn’t go last week. I mentioned it this morning but will try not to mention it again just to see. He’s still in bed right now and who knows at what time he went to bed.

Gosh that mucus is just driving me nuts. I really need to go see my doc or go to the clinic cause it’s just gonna drive me insane. I have such a hard time and it’s been two damn months. This is ridiculous! The spray is obviously not working as it hasn’t changed a thing in the past three weeks. I think the over the counter thing I was taking before worked better than this. Arg!




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