2/13/18 — a stay at home kinda day (+rant!)

Yeah, today I stayed home, did nothing but lay in bed, alternate between watching anime and watching YouTube, and eating. I did get to see Marissa and Alvin for a split second earlier but I didn’t feel like hanging out with them. My stomach’s hurting right now. I need to learn how to stop binge-eating when I’m bored.

Kate has a trip planned for me, Blaze, and Chris tomorrow. On Valentine’s day! Guess those three are my dates xD Pretty sure we’re going back to New Orleans. I hope Chris is actually able to come. It’s been just the three of us without him lately. I really miss him. Yeah, he’s one of my crushes. And an ex-roommate of mine. But any chance I have with him is very slim considering he’s been staying at one of his ex girlfriend’s place a lot lately. He’s pansexual but I know that he leans more towards women. I don’t care if he’s said in the past that he had feelings for me at some point. That doesn’t mean anything unless he shows me that he really likes me as more than just a friend. Jeez, okay, rant over.

I wonder if I should keep using these fake names or transition into using their real ones. What are the chances anyone I know will stumble onto this journal?

9:43 PM

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