Confessions of a Risin’ Star

Above Pic: a meeting in my office lobby about beauty I’m creatin’)

There were so many today…so many lately, that I had to stop myself…*really deep sigh*

Takin’ care of myself has become not only mandatory, but an interwoven fabric of the tapestry titled, “My-Life”…(Hopefully you’re doin’ the same 2

Honestly, my mind is blown at the moment. To the dismay of any haters, down-players, or misunderstood(s) it’s not because of any drug. That is, unless there is a prescription for: freedom.

In my mind I had adopted a philosophy about relationships, that sorta enslaved my perceptions. What was that philosophy or idealogy about life???

Not gonna tell ya. lol

What I will say is that you have all types of beauty around you. (If you’re a woman, it’s definitely, most likely, you..) We, amid dealin’ with the varying segments of life, adopt methods to merely, survive.

As you live, remember the inner & sacred elements of you..(ie. the questions you seek answers to, the mistakes you keep makin’, the night sides of your heart, etc.)

All those things including what we all see are beautiful. (Even if those around you don’t see it, or speak on it enough.)

Cuz, some1 sees it…;)

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