Even Vampires Get the Blues…

So it’s Valentine’s Day: a day for romance, showing the one you love how much you care, and giving and getting tokens of affection.

Blessed as I am in love, my migraine-induced vampirism doesn’t give a frog’s freckled ass what day of the year it is. My kids’ birthdays, my birthday, Christmas, or even Take a Geek for a Walk Week. It just doesn’t care.

Migraines strike whenever they damn well please. They have no qualms over battering your brain, making you wretch,  or paralyzing you with fear while in the presence of light and/or sound… Nor do they give a flying banana about your plans or goals.

But WE care!

And if we’re stubborn enough to keep moving forward, looking for remedies until we find what works best for us, I believe that migraines can eventually be significantly reduced.

We just can’t surrender to the never-ending wall of misery. This is why I’m diligently working on reframing my pain. Instead of looking at pain, nausea, and blah blah blah as obstacles, I’m trying to reframe them in my mind as stepping stones. Stepping stones toward a stronger, better me. Might sound a little “New Agey,” but the only alternative is to give up and accept that I’ll ALWAYS feel like this, and that is something this vampineur refuses to do.

Cyber hugs to my fellow #vampineurs, #spoonies, #migraineurs, and #chronically ill readers.

And thanks to everyone else for bothering to learn a little about what it’s like to fight migraine-induced vampirism on a daily basis.


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