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I know that everyone is just sooo excited to hear about the juicy details from tonight. Well, me too. But unfortunately tonight can’t come soon enough. I still don’t think you guys know enough about me so I’m gonna fill out a random survey for you guys.

But to fill you in on today, the kids LOVED their gifts! They’ve been playing with them all day and are actually snuggled up with them as I’m typing this, on their nap cots fast asleep. Also, my boss bought us donuts today. Aka a fat girls dream. Anyway, I get to leave at 2:30 instead of 3:30 today because they don’t have anyone to cover my break. I’m actually super happy about it. I just wanna get home and see Jordan. From the way he felt last night, I think he has the flu. Not the stomach flu, but influenza 😮 I turn into such a nurse when he’s sick. I just care about him and worry about him SO much and wanna do everything I can to make him feel better. I just wanna wrap him up and bring him things and cuddle him all better. I have no idea if he’s feeling better though! He very well may be. I’ll find out in a couple hours.


Survey time!

About me


 USA baby



 290 somethin

eye color:

skin color:

 ukranian, british, irish, and german

Relationship status:

Are you physically healthy?
 other than being a fat fuck, yep.

Are you mentally healthy?
 lately yes! but i definitely have severe mental illnesses. they’re just currently pretty well in control. Atleast for me.

Job: Toddler teacher

school: not in school anymore




 Step Brothers

TV show: Shameless, The Office, South Park, Atypical, Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill…shall I go on?

 Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson and way more

 The beatles. 100%. without question.

Video Game:
 Battlefront II (Jordan’s been teaching me how to play)

Gaming Console:

Person: Jordan

Love life:
1: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

2: Do you love them?
 See #1

3: Are you still in love with an ex?

4: How many people have you dated?
 1. Unless you count this guy from Ireland I dated for 6 months on an off. It was strictly online. So idk if it counts?

5. Do you think you’ll get married? yes

6: Have you ever been emotionally/physically abused in a relationship?

7: Have you ever hurt your partner by accident without knowing it?

8: Whats important to you in a relationship?
 chemistry, humor, honesty, trust, sex, fun, and open-mindedness

9: Do you have to see them everyday? ( or hear from them)
: Pretty much.

10: Do you think you can love someone within 2 weeks? Nah.

Friendship and Family:
1: How many friends do you have? I’ve lost so many fucking friends this year. But 99% of them were toxic af so it’s fine I guess. I have 3 very close friends. Jordan, Kat, and Lynnea (unfortunately I can only talk to her online and the phone. she lives in pennsylvania)

2: What type of friend are you?
 The goofy but caring kind

3: Have you ever been friends with someone for longer than 7 years? yes

4: Do you have one best friend, more or none? One.

5: Have you ever had a friend just stop being your friend and you never knew why? im not sure

6: Do you get along with family?

7: Do you have a family member you hate?
 yep. one of my uncles.

8: Does your family accept who you are?

9: Are you an only child or have siblings? 3

10: Do you have parents that still live together? no.

1:What grade are you in?

2: Are you in Middle, High, or college? ( or neither)?

3. Whats your favorite class?
 Voice Performance

4. Do you have a fav school year? I loved 7th grade and freshmen year

5: Are you a good student?
 Depended on the subject

6: Do you think homework is good or bad?

7: Have you ever had a teacher who was really funny but had poor teaching skills?
 Lol yeah

8: Is your GPA high or low?
 It was 2.9

9: Do you like to particpate in conversations in the class room or are you the listener?
 Was generally too distracted because I was listening to music, talking to somebody else, or was in my own thoughts.

10: Do you take part in extra school events? (eg. Plays, sports, leadership,clubs) Nah. Not in highschool atleast. I was in plays in middle school.


1: Do you need to lose or gain weight?

2: Have you ever had the swine flu? No

3: Do you like to go to the doctors?

4: Have you ever puked in school or at work?
 Yeah. Always in a toilet or something though.

5: Have you ever been extremely sick where you couldnt even leave your bed? yes 🙁

6: Do you hate puking or does it make you feel better? Both actually.

7: Have you ever coughed up blood?

8: Should you be eating healthier ? Yep.

9: Do you lie to your doctor?

10: Have you ever taken too much advil? no

Mental Health:

1: Do you have a mental illness?
 yes. borderline personality disorder, depression, and  anxiety.

2: Do you take anti-depressants? yep. 2 pills every morning.

3: Are you mentally stable?
 lately, yes.

4: Have you ever been misdiagnosed? yeah

5: Do you think you have an disorder but havent been properly diagnosed yet? No.

6: Is self diagnosing good or bad?
 Bad. A lot of people have a bad day once and think they’re depressed.

7: Should we give more money to mental health research? yes

8: Do you think everyone has a chance to over come their mental disorders?
 yes. not cure, but definitely manage!

9: Would you ever not date someone if they had a severe disorder? ( Schizophrenia,BPD, mood disorders) Possibly

10: Does mental illness run in your family? YES. so much.


1: Virgin?

2. what age did you lose it? 18

3: Did you take sex ed? our school system is a joke. abstinence only. *insert eye roll*

4: Does size matter?
 I used to think this but now I think it only matters to a point. Like it needs to be big enough to be able to feel it obviously. But the best dick I’ve ever had was about average in length. It’s more about skill and passion tbh.

5: Whats your favorite poistions?
 The snail. It’s  missionary but your legs are on his shoulders. Also, doggy and regular missionary are bomb too. And cowgirl. Maybe I just love sex in general *crosses out the maybe*

6. Does virginity exist?
 It’s more of a social construct and can mean whatever you choose it to mean.

7: Do you think sex is overated?

8: Is making love and fucking different?

9: Is it important for both genders to understand eachothers bodies? Yes.

10: If someone was a virgin and was raped, did they lose their virginity? No. They didn’t have sex. They were rape. Sex requires consent.

Check the box:

1.My hair color is: [x] Brown [] Black [x] Blonde []Red [] Funky colors [] Auburn [] more than one color

(it’s like golden brown. or dirty dishwater blonde. whatever u wanna call it)

2.Eye color: []Blue []Grey []Brown [x]hazel []dark brown []green []amber [] I have two different colors of eyes

3.I am a : []Male [x] Female []Trans Male [] Trans Female []Gender Fluid [] I dont have a gender []Non Binary [] other

4: I am: []Fit [] Average []Skinny [x]Fat

5: I love my : []Hair [x]Eyes [x]Smile []Teeth []Skin []everything about myself []None of these

6: I hate my: [x]Hair []eyes []smile []teeth [x] skin [] everything about myself [] I dont hate anything about myself

7: My feet are: []Small [x]Wide []Narrow []long []large []Ugly []Pretty

8: I have a hard time: []Finding something to wear []Making Friends [] making food [x]staying focused 

9: I am: [x]Employed []Not employed []retired []I can’t work []Self employed []Looking for a job

10: I love: [x]the moon [x]the sun [x] the stars [x] the galaxy []planets


Thanks for reading (if you did. Cuz if not I wouldn’t blame you lol)

Anyway, more deets tonight!

xoxo Hailey

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  1. I really want to do an “About Me” soon. Can I steal a few of these questions?

  2. Of course you can! It’s not like I didn’t steal it to begin with. Haha. I’m actually curious to see some of your answers. (:

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