Happy Today

I am happy today cause I am the one giving chocolates on Valentines Day. In my country, ladies normally receive gifts on Valentines day. Here, the ladies are the ones giving. I am not shy to give chocolate to my guy crush today, anyway he already knows I like him. He thanked me and he appreciated it. I gave my gift to him during lunchtime because I might not find him tonight. Who knows… he might have a date with another person.  This is kinda weird because I do not worry whether he dates another person tonight. From the start it was clear that I am in his friend zone, so I just learned not to expect romance.  Anyway my time here is limited. I will be back to my country soon. He is too precious to lose as a romantic partner so I think being best of friends is better. No labels , no expectations, no drama fights. I just feel so happy today. Tomorrow I  will have a presentation so I gotta prepare

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