happy valentine’s day!

I went in to today deciding I wouldn’t be bitter about the holiday, and it worked sorta. I had a decent day. It started out with some of Marvel’s Runaways which is pretty addicting, then I ran some errands. The flu shot hurt but, I’m afraid of dying from the flu. (I’m also afraid of dying from the vaccine, but less so). I also ate chocolate (in the spirit of the holiday). I had a workshop to go to for class that was really boring, but I got to see my buddies Pat and Lora, I don’t remember if i’ve described them on here before. Pat is shy but smiles a lot, with long brown hair, he’s also good at drawing; Lora is the hyper girl with bright eyes. I love them both and barely know them. 

Yes, I heard about the shooting. I want to do something but I don’t know what to do.

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