How do I summarise love in 475 words?

I don’t think it’s enough. There are different kinds of love. Some claim that true love only comes from God. No matter how much we misbehave, He’s still more than generous to let us breathe and live the way we choose to live.

Some claim that true love only comes from parents to children. Perhaps that’s also true. Still, there have been cases of abusive parents, either physically, verbally, or emotionally. Go ahead. Take your pick. It’s either they feel that you’re never good enough or you’re hurt because they never really listen.

Between friends? Perhaps, to an extent. After all, we’re only human. Some friends may expect more from you that they grow possessive. They often feel hurt and play the victim whenever you disagree with them…or choose to hang out with other friends. When you’re with them, you realise that all they need is a loyal fan – not an honest friend.

Lovers? Beats me. I’ve been far, far away from that department for a very, very long time – with scars still on the mend, silently working on things that can still be changed. For whom? No, not for any of them. I’ll never promise them that I’ll be what they always want me to be. That would be as impossible as expecting me to lose 40 pounds overnight. (And no, I’m not talking about the currency.)

I want to do that for me. No one has to love me completely or unconditionally, if all they do is scrutinise my every flaw. They’re more than welcomed to walk away and leave me alone. There’s an exit door.

For those who have chosen to stay and are still here, thank you. I know I’m not an easy person to deal with – and I know you would like me to stop being a love cynic. Maybe I haven’t just yet, but I’m getting there. Maybe I should stop being so scared.

For those I’ve let in, buckle up for another rollercoaster ride. I hope I’m not making you feel too sick this time. If you’re still (or always) curious with what’s on my mind, you can always ask. I hope you can still be patient with me, since I’ll only tell you when I’m ready…and that I believe you’re worth it.

Yes, you are. Thank you for reminding me that I am also good enough, perhaps even better.

So, how do I summarise love in 475 words? Perhaps I’ll never be able to. Love changes dynamically. It lives or dies, depending on how we try our best to keep it alive. I suppose this is like a jigsaw puzzle I’ll never get to finish.

Oh, well. That’s love for you. What else can you do? Nothing but the best, even with what you still personally lack. That’s all.



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