sitting alone

I got dry needled today, the amount of pain and satisfaction is so worth $45. Sometimes it makes me sad. How unperportionate I am. I need to quit blaming ppl for my own choices. It’s not like I mean to, it’s never intentional. I guess it’s just easier that way. I got super hot. Drove down to get some magic oil from Starks. I’m sitting at the bar alone and he’s only a few feet from me. Said he would be right back… he was gonna go hang with his co workers. Guess I’m not invited. I don’t actually know how much longer I’m gonna do this shit. Like I love the fuck out of him. I fucked up once and now it’s like I’m the anti christ. BUT you can still fuck me. Awww the frustration and annoyance. Like WHAT THE FUCK. 

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