[196] ~*Thu – 02/15/18*~

[10:19 pm]

Indeed I didn’t do the garbage this morning before leaving for work. My intention was to come back between clients and do it then but I ended up not coming back home. My second client cancelled so I met with sis, the kids and mom-in-law at the restaurant as they were in town. I was very happy to see the lil one, she’s so adorable. I miss not being able to see her every day. I was scared when they moved back home that she would sorta forget about me but she hasn’t, yet. She’s always so happy to see me which makes me super happy.

My mother-in-law managed to make me rage inside. They have known since Dec that my car needed about $3000 worth of repairs and they never offered to help pay any of it. Last week, or the week before, sis went and got herself an SUV, pre-owned but still. I’m sure the in-laws offered to pay some of it with her cause it’s always what they do. Every time she wants something, they offer her to pay a part of it. That said, apparently dad-in-law will be sending us some money, don’t know how much, to pay a part of the repairs we had to make to the car. Oh.. now they are helping us, now that it’s paid and everything. I mean, I surely don’t mind the help but I’m just raging inside cause it’s been two months and they never talked about helping us before sis went and got herself a new vehicle. I’m sure if she wouldn’t of done so, they still wouldn’t offer us anything. They are so unfair. I mean, they could of given us the money before we had to actually pay for it, to help. Again, I’m grateful for any money that they will give us but blah. Seem that they always just give us some when ever they give the sis some cause they feel bad that when we needed it, they didn’t help but they are helping her.

Anyways, so far, hub is doing good as he went to work early today. I really hope he will keep his words this time and do his extra hours to help. He’s also been doing really good with cleaning the suggies kitchen. 

As for me, I did the grocery and laundry. I’m also washing the bed sheets right now which might of been a mistake from my part. I’m a bit tired and could go to bed right now but I can’t as I’m washing the bed sheets. That’s what I get for doing it so late or not having an extra set. I can sleep in tomorrow morning as I don’t have any client for Fri morning yet, so I figured I’d wash the bed sheets. Now I’ll need to wait like two hours before I can go to bed. Arf!

That mucus is just driving me super crazy right now. I know I keep complaining about it but there must be something that can be done. It’s so bad! I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep dealing with it. I should really make an apt to the clinic cause seeing my doc will prob take too long. Mon is a Holiday so I won’t be working, I should prob make an apt for Sun evening after I’m done work. That sounds like a good idea.

I guess I will be playing on my farming game and watching some shows since I can’t go to bed.




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