All the juicy details..


I’m back again. As promised. And I never disappoint. Let’s get started.

So once I got home I talked to Jordan for a bit on the couch and then watched some YouTube videos in my room. I started rubbing my legs and decided the dolphin smooth feeling wasn’t there anymore and decided to shave. And let me just say, shaving takes forever. Every woman can agree that shaving is such a pain. Even more so when you’re a big girl, because there is A LOT more ground to cover. Luckily, I was watching a video about how shitty it is to work at Forever 21 and this girl had 4 videos, all like 40 minutes long. Let’s just say I was able to watch like 2 of those videos lmao.

Then I did my makeup really nice, which again, took forever. I tried something for my eyeshadow that never have and it turned out SUPER pretty. Everything was looking bomb and cute as fuck. Even my outfit. I also straightened my hair, which I never do.

(Little sidenote: my hair is damaged af because I went like 5 years without cutting it. My hair got pretty damn long. I trimmed it a bit myself on Halloween this year.)

So originally Jordan was gonna cook us some spaghetti and do something at home but we didn’t have all the ingredients that we thought we did. So I decided that we should go see The Last Jedi. It’s the only Star Wars movie I hadn’t seen yet. Since our break up, Jordan and I had been watching all the Star Wars movies. Surprisingly enough, I love them! I get so caught up in the story. I cried like a baby when Qui Gon died. And the entire Revenge of the Sith movie was insane. Definitely my favorite.

All of a sudden I got a call from our apartments office and they said they wanted to show our apartment tomorrow at 1:30. Well shit. That meant we had to clean. And FAST. So we divied things up. I did our room and the bathroom. He did the kitchen and the livingroom. About an hour and a half and the house was spic and span. Just in time to grab an uber and head to the movie. (Sidenote: I never mentioned this but we both don’t drive. I have a car though. I just need to brush up on some things and take my test.)

The movie was awesome! I loved it. Aside from the movie, Jordan and I were cuddling and holding hands and it was really nice <3

When we got home it was super late. That’s a long ass movie and we both work super early so we headed to bed. For some reason, he lit one of our handles. While we were getting ready we were giving eachother shit and bantering and I undressed while he watched (on purpose.) We were beating the shit out of eachother with pillows and calling eachother names and just having an awesome time. He starts slapping my ass and talking about how big it is and I scoff at him and start playing with his dick. He was telling me a story and I’m half-listening and then start giving him head. He tries to pretend like he doesn’t like it but that doesn’t last but a second until his toes are curling and he’s gasping. He can’t take it anymore and says “Hailey…” and I asked him “What?” and he says “I want you….right. now.” And we start making out and ripping our clothes off and start fucking like crazy. The kisses are passionate and the sex is hot as all hell. He’s pulling my hair and going so hard. It was amazing. One minute I look at him and say “Hey, wanna be my Valentine?” He starts laughing mid thrust and says “That’s supposed to be my line.” but says yes of course and we finish. Then we pass out snuggling and once again, giving eachother shit.

He makes me feel so electric. I’ve never had a Valentine before. And this was one hell of a first Valentines Day.

Anyway. It’s late. If I don’t go to sleep now I won’t wake up for work. Catch ya later!



2 thoughts on “All the juicy details..”

  1. Wow, what a day you had! My day was pretty boring compared to yours! xD I love how you go right into the nitty gritty details too! I need to start doing that more. Can’t wait till I see one of my fuck buddies, I’ll probably describe the SHIT out of those next encounters! Seeing writing like yours gives me so many ideas and honestly inspires you. You’re definitely one of my faves on here. <3

  2. Awwwww!!! Thank you! You’re one of mine too. I only have you and one other person on my list so far. So definitely keep writing!

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