Come to find out . . .

I have always known, and been told many times, I am not a “morning” person. 

Riiiiiggghhhttt! Like I am the ONLY one!

Working for a living will make you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” every Monday through Friday. If I’m lyin’-I’m dyin’!! You know it’s true! Can I get an “AMEN”?!

So for all these years I have, shall we say, “issued unpleasantness to all” upon awaking from my wonderful, comfortable, dreamy state each morning. Who wants to leave that magical place, bed, to go to work??

If you can relate-I HAVE NEW INFO!

In December I took early retirement. (Just drift off into that “promised land”) Yep. The world and all that is in it, found my maximum “heap” limit. Yep. In the oooooold days they used to say, “Last straw that broke the camel’s back”.(And that worked for them) But, today, let’s just say that I found myself at the bottom on hill where they say “it” all runs. I hit “overload”. I could no longer “juggle” all the balls being required of me. (long sad story-who cares) thing is- I had to do SOMETHING!

I did. I retired. (visual: 62 yr old doing “happy” dance!!)

For the first time, in my adult life, I choose when to wake up. Me! I sleep until I wake up. (MINDBLOWN!!! RIGHT??) It is a totally radical, crazy stupid, earth shattering concept!! Sleep until your body wakes up. Wake when my body is rested. (What??) I want you to know that I thought this would fix one little flaw in me. If you would let me wake up when I want to-then I’ll be a wonderful person you always wanted to wake up beside. 

Bought the sign: (placed on the table at the end of the bed)


Hey. Who knew until now?? 

Thanks for gabbing with me. Enjoyed. 

Keep up the GAB


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