poetry 4 bright hearts & dark souls

I decided that this little diary I got myself isn’t gonna be just recounting my daily life and feelings and stuff. I also wanna share some of my poetry. My poems are always either sad or about sex or about love. And they don’t rhyme, so if that’s your thing you should probably get the fuck out. You will find no Dr. Seuss within these lines, honey. 

I have an entire section in my phone filled with poetry. One day, I’d like to publish a book of poems titled “poetry 4 bright hearts and dark souls.” My poetry is way too personal and special to me to share with anyone I know. I’ve only ever really read them (not all of them, though) to Jordan. To be honest, they’re probably shitty. Or maybe not. I like them though. The book thing is probably just a fantasy of mine but I’d love to know what you guys think.

Here’s a few. (side note: titles are in caps)


it’s not hard to love me.
in fact, it’s the easiest thing in the world.
how could you not?
when im the sun in your sky.
the stars in your eyes.
i’ll connect the dots and give you all of my perfect constellations.
but a storm is brewing.
look me in the eye of the tornado and tell me this
do you love me now?


i love that his eyes aren’t blue, brown, or green like everyone else.
they can’t be defined by something as simple as color.
only by beauties of nature.
his eyes are the calm waters of the andaman sea, the sky on a cloudless summer day & the fields of corn in nebraska all at once


I don’t mean this to sound poetic but your naked body reminds me of a masterpiece they hang on the walls of a museum


If my poems are trash, so what?
I’m a dumpster of beautiful words and metaphors you will never understand.


I looked over my shoulder to look at him again
Though the sky was dark, I could still see his brown eyes twinkle in amusement
Perfect pink lips ascend to reveal smiling teeth
He lifted my jaw and kissed me lightly
I settled back into his lap and nuzzled my head deeper into his sweatshirt
His grip on my waist tightened and relaxed
We were rooftop lovers
The passion came rough and fast
Bodies crashing and burning together, the stars our only audience
But after,
There was always a certain stillness
A certain quietness to our rendezvous
We almost held our breath
Did time exist?
Did anything?
But you & I.
The stars.
And the sky.

well anyway, if you read all that. thank you. even if you hated it. it means a lot that anyone would even take the time. let me know if you want me to share more. or if you want me to choke on glass. either way! see ya next entry


Gossip Girl

hahaha i kid, i kid. 


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  1. I like your poems. I like to rhyme but I don’t think that is how all poetry should be. My favorites are Easy and Trash. If you like I have two that I posted let me know what you think.

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