POM and Distant Healing 3

POM and distance healing 3
Since the beginning of time, God had already inculcated into us Love, but humankind is very stubborn and refuses to acknowledge the truth. It started with a word, and it became flesh and the word was God. he said to us, that man shall not live by bread alone but by the very word of God. He was assertive to tell us, that we should believe in him, but our acceptance is just like a house in a sandy soil, that when a wind and storm inundate it, it will just go and flooded away.
“The lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” in this, we should fully trust him, just like a shepherd caring for his flock. The statement said, that you don’t want anything anymore because of the lord care and loves you, and he will keep you protected and supported. Despite the fact, that he knew how sinful we are, his love did not meltdown, and he gives us so many parables to simplify his impression on us. He knows that he is to die, and he submitted to it. He paid us with blood and suffering, but there are still so many who are ignorant about the ultimate goal. He showed to us so many miracles, just to persuade us to believe that He is the Christ and the son of God. His resurrection was a living memory, that he conquered death. It is time for us to repent and regret, for being alive we have still a lot of chances that everything will be corrected. The power of Jesus is extraordinary. In Matthew 9, Jesus was walking in Jerusalem, and he was overcrowded with a throng of people and there was a woman who had been ill with Hemorrhage for twelve years, and it was her faith that if he ever touches the cloak of Jesus, her illness will be healed. When the opportunity came, she touched it, and automatically, her illness stopped. It was really an awesome power.
Last night I was enthralled by what I read in the bible, about John. 3 up to five. Jesus was talking to Nicodemus who was known to be a Pharisee. He came to talk to him and impressed unto him his belief that only a man from heaven that can show miracle and that is what Jesus has done. He asks him how to enter into heaven, but he was told, that unless a man shall be born again, he can not enter into heaven. He was marveled by his saying, for it is not easy to get into the womb of the mother just to be born again. Jesus simplified it, that he must be born again in spirit and be baptized also in spirit.
There was a nobleman, who has an authority and had a son affected by a deadly illness. he came to Jesus and asked him to help his son, who is in bed at home. He has strong faith, that if ever Jesus will only say the word, his son will live again. His faith at that time made his son awake and live again. In the wedding in Cana, when there was no more wine, he turns the water into wine. To the Samaritan, when he asked for water, the Samaritan refuse because Jews forbid samaritan to go near to any of the jews. But Jesus told the Samaritan woman, that the water he will give, will never make us thirsty because it is heavenly water that will make you alive forever.
Medical Science is a vast field of knowledge, and it attempts to explain all areas of discipline but the limitation is clear because until now there is still a field in which it is unexplainable and beyond apprehension. God created the world, and the problem also exists since its creations. Imagine, living things existed and it brought with it also the smallest creation which eventually the sources of decay, disease, and extinction. Maybe, the dinosaurs is the biggest and it is no longer around. But the smallest creation the viruses, which you can not see it in your naked eyes, only by the use of a specialized microscope, still exist and even mutated, without any specific methods of how to kill them. I don’t understand, why it is created? maybe, it is used for a penalty or as a wrath of God, to penalize humankind from its abuses.

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