[197] ~*Fri – 02/16/18*~

[9:12 pm]

I ended up going to bed at almost 2 am last night as I had to wait for the bed sheets to dry. I then read for like half an hour. I wanted to keep reading but I had to stop and get some sleep. I never give myself enough time to read cause I never want to put my book away once I start reading.

This morning I wanted to get up earlier so I could eat before leaving and clean the suggies tray and do the garbage and put them in the bin outside as I didn’t do them on garbage day. Did I wake up any early?! Nope! I had my alarm set for 11:15 am but of course I woke up and looked at the time so I pushed it to 11:30 and then pushed it back again to 11:45. Bleh! My sleep wasn’t too too bad beside the fact that once I looked at the time I had a hard time falling back asleep. That said, I should of gotten out of bed earlier but if I really don’t have to be up, I will just stay in bed even if I’m not sleeping anymore. I love my bed way too much.

Tonight is shower night which means, I’m washing my hair. Arg! Not looking forward to it at all. I feel like I’ve had it done so long ago but it was only two weeks ago that I had it all re-done to try and fix it. So this is technically only the second wash. I’ve never worked with the pinkish color in my hair so that’s scaring me a bit as I have no idea how many wash I can do with it before it starts fading. My purple stayed nice this time and I hope it will keep remaining this way until it slowly starts fading and not fade dramatically like the last time.

Meh! I sorta feel blah right now. I want to be doing something but then again, I don’t want to be doing anything. I just watched a show and ate and now I should prob go in the shower before I get too lazy. I just sorta feel like I don’t want to be home right now but there’s nothing much to do. Maybe I’ll just go to bed and read after my shower. I wish I had friends that I could do something with, I feel like bowling right now.




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