2/15/18 — new potential boyfriend!?

Koby. I had met him once before. He was dating my first ex boyfriend and the two of them had stopped by at the Halloween store I was working at last year. Well anyways, he had texted me letting me know he was at the mall, and after several attempts of trying to wake up, I headed there and hung out with him. And oh my god! I wouldn’t say I’m in love, but daaaaaaamn my feelings towards him are strong. Not only is he a really sweet guy but he’s also fucking adorable. 

We walked around the mall for a good bit. The entire time we were flirting. It was obvious that we both liked each other. At one point he had to go use the restroom. In there, after he was finished, the two of us kissed. Yes, that’s right. This boy, who I’ve only seen twice in my life, kissed me. Or did I kiss him? Anyway, our lips locked and it was good. It felt good. He told me he liked it, which made me feel amazing. We sat on a bench near one of the mall entrances, and the two of us cuddled. He laid his head in my lap, we kissed some more, held hands, typical things boyfriends do. 

This felt so different than all the other guys I’ve fooled around with. I wasn’t just lusting for him. I enjoyed talking to him. Doing simple things like holding hands, hugging, kissing, rubbing his leg. Of course the entire time I was turned on. What makes him great is that just like me, he’s also not crazy about anal. See, I’ve never fucked anybody in the ass. I’ve been fucked, but it’s not the best feeling. I prefer to stick with oral. 

We walked back to my apartment complex because he wanted to hang at the park. Not long after we were there, he practically asked me out. But here’s where things get interesting. He asked if I was okay with polyamorous relationshipsFUCK YES. He’s talking to two girls (he’s pansexual) and wanted to know if that would make me jealous. And it wouldn’t. Obviously I’d want a lot of attention directed towards me, but if I lust for other guys while with someone I should not be mad if he does the same. So…I said yes. And I guess the two of us are a thing now? Oh, and he bought me Taco Bell. That was nice of him.

He lives quite a walk away. Not long by car but over an hour on foot. I hope I get to see him often. I’m definitely having him spend a night over here sometime in the near future. I was upset when his mom picked him up earlier. I wonder how Kyle, my first ex boyfriend, would react if I told him I’m dating his ex? I’ve managed to stay friends with him even after the breakup of 2016. And I usually tell him everything. This’ll have to come up at some point.

Even if I can’t see him often, when I do see him I get to have someone to kiss and hold hands with and cuddle and potentially do…other things

 I’m so happy!

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  1. CUTE! I like this Kobe guy. I hope you keep him around 🙂

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