he’s thinking about me?

So yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to work like always. Which P FUCKING S. Is 7 am. Every morning. Kill me. 

I started reading a new book today. It’s called My Heart and other Black Holes. It’s basically about having a partner to help eachother carry through with your suicides. It’s really fucking good. Btw, my break was cut short because so many people called out. That was kinda annoying.

One of my kids was acting super cute and would sing the Trolls songs whenever I would change her. My kids barely ever sing and she knew all the words! I guess we do play that CD a lot.

anyway, i finally got home and then jordan did about an hour after i did. he had texted me randomly while i was at work asking if i was home yet. i asked him why he was wondering because he literally never texts me first. im pretty much the only one. “Oh I was just curious…I gotta admit something to you by the way.” He says

”What?” I ask

And he says “I was thinking about you literally all day. It was honestly non stop.”

LIKE WHAT. He was thinking about me? Shit like this makes me think he really really likes me. Like he’s refalling in love with me. And not just in a bestfriends who fuck sometimes kind of love. Like truly and madly in love with me.

I did my makeup really bomb again after work and Jordan told me I looked pretty before I left. I went to the movie Ferdinand with my family. My mom invited me because she misses me. Btw, remember how I cleaned yesterday? Well, one of my W2’s was lost and I found it! So now my step dad can do my taxes with me. Anyway, it was a cute movie.

Once I got home I was so exhausted and Jordan was trying to convince me to make him food like I had offered earlier. I was too tired. Somehow I was able to read some more of my book. Then he comes into our room and starts taking his cat onesie (PS he has this super Cheshire cat onesie he wears and it just makes me MELT over how adorable he is in it. In fact, I was the one who suggested he even wear it today.) I ask him if he’s going to sleep and he says in a little bit. I think he’s left the room and I close my eyes and turn on my side, tired from the reading. All of a sudden his arms are wrapped around and he’s curled up to my back and smiling like a dope at my face. “What are you doing?” I ask him. “You’re just so god damn pretty.” He says. I start blushing and covering my face and trying to push him off but he stays put and laughs “I love making you blush.” “Stoppp.” I say. “Your cute little cheeks.” He says tickling me. Then he gets off me. “Get some sleep. I love you.” he says. “I love you too. Night.”

I can’t stop smiling even after he’s left the room. But I go to sleep anyway.

That’s all for now. Next entry will be about today. And there’s a lot in store. Tonight I’m going out to party for my bestfriend Kat’s birthday. And tomorrow I’m going to a birthday party which may or may not result in drama or resolved drama considering a lot of people invited HATE me. Gotta go!



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