Journey to purity

Often wondered how other Christians do it? How did Jesus stayed pure in face of all temptation? How could He see people and really love them?

How can you keep your mind sound…being single and enjoying life?

more … more questions … wonder if is anybody there that has answers? or maybe you also have questions … sometimes we learn more from questions than answer

This journal is more a way to fight against sin … finding the way for me … and maybe others…


2 thoughts on “Journey to purity”

  1. Marya, I was touched by your blog. Please allow me to commend your desire to live right and stay pure, and love people. Yes it can be done. As you pointed out, Jesus did it; He is the One who will help you do it also. Just ask, and trust Him. That may sound too simple, but it is the Way. God bless you very much! HUGs!

  2. Thank you for reading… made me feel less alone… be blessed

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