17 things about me

Ok. I really want to do a Q& A partly because I want to know what I want, and mainly because I want to look back at this entry after a few years and just be nostalgic and sappy about it. ( So I dedicate this to you, future thee)

un) How old am I ?

I am seventeen years old. 

deux) What color are my eyes?

I have brown eyes. Growing up, I was extremely envious of people with light eyes and I cursed genetics for not gifting me with my mom’s jade green eyes. But over the years, I’ve  come to realize that brown eyes are the most beautiful and captivating eyes out there. True, they might be generic, but they ooze such warmth and fierceness at the same time that it’s hard to not be a fan. 

trois) What is my favourite subject?

English. Definitely, English.

quatre) How many languages can I speak?

I can speak four languages. I hope to learn more. (Future me, take notes)

cinq) What’s my favourite season?

I love winter. But I also do love the rain very dearly.

six) What’s my favourite color?

I love gray. 

sept) Who are my favourite youtubers?

I just love The Ace Family, Shane Dawson, Jess and Gabe, IndieAir,and many more.

huit) What’s my favourite sport?

Swimming. But that was when I was young. But I guess if binge watching videos on youtube and shows on netflix was a thing, I would bring gold.

neuf) Who am I as a person ? 

I guess I’m an ambivert. I’m the kind of person who comes off very cold on first appearance but once I get to know someone I’ll probably care about that person more than they think of. I’m a person who’s most likely to remember the most little things a person has said and done to me than actually remember the most important of things. I’m socially awkward and probably will never make the first move, which people often mistake to be arrogance. If I like someone, I’ll probably cherish them my entire life. I’m also very blatantly sarcastic, which people consider to be funny( Holy flowers, I’m funny) and I’m also very clumsy and very weird.

dix) What’s my favourite pastime? 

I love to read. If I pick up a book in the morning, I’ll probably be awake till I finish it. I also love to write. And I love music, not the generic pop or rock, but the melodious and peaceful indie songs.

onze) What’s my favourite song?

I love many songs but as of today it is Leave A Light On by Tom Walker.

douze) Who are my favourite artists?

I love many artists who are not really mainstream. But I love Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Kodaline, Sam Smith, Adele, Lauv, SYML, Birdy and many more.

treize) What do I aspire to be?

I aspire to be a lawyer. I want to be happy and content.

quatorze) What are a few things on my bucket list?

I want to do a lot of things when I grow up. I want to skydive, I want to sleep under the stars, I want to pull an all nighter, I want to travel the world, I want to do something (anything really) reckless like jump off a cliff or something rebellious (for once in my life), I want to visit the Dead Sea before it shrinks, I want to go travel to a place alone( like backpack across Europe), and I want to do so much more. But mostly, I just want to be content in my life and not have regrets.

quinze) My gaols for 2018

I want to be a more independant person( which is hard since I have overprotective parents since I’m an only child and also because I’m kinda used to doing most things along with my friends and never alone), I also want to stop procrastination and not be afraid of taking risks. ( Carpe diem, future thee)

seize) My worst fear

I fear failure and not being good enough.

And finally, the most life changing question.

dix-sept) What’s my favourite ice-cream flavour?

I love chocolate and cookie dough equally. (insert chocolate vine)

So that’s it, future thee.

I honestly feel like some heavy weight is lifted off my shoulder and I do feel like I kind of know myself better.


P.s: Have a wonderful day.

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