Sad Eyes

There was something about his eyes that I hadn’t noticed before, something dark, something hidden. Almost invisible, yet I noticed.

He had been fumbling with a small box, flipping it over and turning it in his hands, and I was watching quietly. I would do that, just watch quietly. The cafeteria around us was loud and swarming with people. I kept watching his hands.

He noticed, and looked up at me, so I looked up at him, and met his soft blue eyes. We just looked for a moment, then I returned my gaze downward. He set the box down.

I had seen something he had hidden, something soft and sad. He had hidden it so well, with his smile. But I had noticed, and I think he realized that.

He began to stay quiet around me, and kept mostly to himself. I had figured out his secret, and he knew it.

He wasn’t as fine as he seemed, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to help him.



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