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One of my kids didn’t come in today. My class is small as is. He’s such a sweetheart though. I missed him. Anyway, today was a pretty fun day. I was getting sick of the Trolls and Moana soundtrack and my stereo was being stupid so I decided to play some kids songs from Spotify. I played them from Lion King which the kids LOVED and had a blast dancing to. Also, Ferdinand, Frozen, and Beauty and the Beast. I also sang to them a lot today. I remember as a kid I loved when my grandma sang me the Baby Bumbleebee song and so I sing it to them hoping they’ll have the same fond memories. I sang a ton of songs but they especially loved that one and Skidamarinky Dinky Dink. I held their hands and swung them back and forth as I sang and they would sing the I LOVE YOUUUU part too.

During my break, my friend Jessica had sent out a group message reminding everyone about her party tomorrow. Before I get into this next part, I’ll explain why some of the people coming hate me. Anna hates me because we were roommates. Her, me, and Jordan. But one day she got mad at Jordan because he accused her of being a spoiled little suburban white child who doesn’t know shit about struggle (which lowkey but HIGHKEY true as all hell. her daddy drowns her in cash.) and packed all her shit in her dad’s truck and just ABANDONED us. Just like that. Refused to pay the electric she still owed. And I refused to let her out of the lease right away. It was a mess. But yeah. we hate eachother. Her boyfriend Eric. hates me basically only because Anna does. I guess he’s her little puppy dog. Has to do and feel and say as Anna tells him. Amanda hates me, because apparently me and Jordan are mean to her???? She’s not very bright to say the least and probably never caught onto the sarcasm. Whatever. And then Angela and her boyfriend Nate hated me because they came to my house one day to play Cards Against Humanity and Jordan made a dirty joke and Nate was apparently boiling about it throughout the game and then stormed off outside. Angela and Jon (my roommate that replaced Anna) ran after him and when they came back they told me he threatened to pull a knife on Jordan if he came back up. So I made them leave. Also, before this situation I told Angela that rushing into marrying this guy is a really bad idea. He just moved here and immediately moved in with her. They were dating online. And now they’re getting married. They’ve been together like 2 months. Omfg.

Anyway. So yeah. But tbh I plan on being civil unless someone is rude to me first. Then I’m gonna turn into Ms. Sass and put everybody in their places. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

But anyway I called Angie and smoothed things over with her. I explained that i only kicked them out for my safety and that I only was looking out for her and sharing my advice but she doesn’t have to follow it.

I also called Jessica and I told her that Ethan, Amanda’s boyfriend told me that she doesn’t even like her and hates her personality and called it “unlikable.” She was glad I told her. Honestly, noone likes a two faced bitch. Especially at your birthday party. She needed to know. We had a really long conversation and were laughing and talking about shit and it was just really nice. I miss her. We haven’t talked in awhile but now that I’ve removed so many toxic people from my life, it’s great as time as ever to start hanging out a lot more!

Anyway so I guess Kat’s other bestfriend Emma is treating her like shit and she’s hit her breaking point. She’s been using Kat for rides because she doesn’t have a license and gets all pissy when kat can’t drive her or pick her up from somewhere. She feels like noone cares about her and everyone uses her. She even mentioned wanting to kill herself. Both of us have actually attempted suicide before so that’s really scary to me. If she’s feeling suicidal something could happen to her. Anyway, she’s really upset and wants Jordan and Ethan to come. Ethan is one of Jordan and I’s good friends! She’s not close to them but I think she really wants to show up to this party with a bunch of people and have a good night. And I’m gonna try to make that happen to her. I’m gonna stop it right here and just make the party an entry of its own. I can’t wait! I finally got home. My uber driver kept getting lost and cancelling but luckily a coworker agreed to take me home. Now im relaxing and hanging out with J <3



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