The begining

My story begings on Saturday August 11,1979. I was born in Worland, Wyoming. My family consist of my parents, my older brother and an older sister. 18 months later my younger sister would join the family.

I would live in Worland for 7 years. Worland was a small town about 6,000 population. We lived on Culbertsons Ave. It was across the street from the middle school at that time. I have a picture of us in front of the house. Which is kind of strange mom didn’t really like her picture taken for some reason.

In the middle of the 1st grade I move to a town  named Greybull, Wyoming. Again a yellow house. But this was a huge house. Greybull was a very small town. Population was 1800. I loved it there. I had made one very special friend, her name was Samantha.


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